Spring 2021

Looks like we are on Spring 2021 already! and i have yet to post about what i watched LAST season.

I really enjoyed the previous season, I think in-depth I will save for the podcast.

The state of “free” anime in Singapore, I think Muse & Ani-one is doing a great job. And i watch them without ad-blockers :). I do not mind enduring multiple ads to support then.

Also, just some updates on the podcast. Yes, I’ve been thinking about how to do it. It is confirmed that I will be licensing this song for the podcast OP & ED,


Because i just like how the way it sounds. Further to that! I have stumbled on a quite a good fivver artist and i also plan to engage them to update the antenna-tan that I use for my twitter. (Found the antenna-tan from an imageboard YEARS ago) I thought you know maybe can turn antenna-tan into someone in her 20s instead.

This is the fivver person that I’m thinking to engage,


I really like this art style and the price ain’t too bad as well!

What do you think?

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