Podcast opening ideas

Yes, without much context, I am diving right in!. Actually before i go on and throw in the links, the context here

So after i saw the newsletter from Porkbun (the best domain registrar) that they have a free wordpress option, I thought WHY NOT kickstart back to blogging about anime stuff and this is less restrictive than the free wordpress itself. Plus i got my own swag URL.

Anyway long story short, I really want to do an anime-toku-otaku sort of podcast for the long term. The legal stuff out there is so much as compared to when i was starting out in the anime dark ages. I actually have no idea as to what sort of content to produce and the past few years, I have been making content and I thought to myself, why not I start doing the things that i really really love. This anime watching hobby has not gone away over the years, in fact it became stronger and stronger.

With that in mind, I have actually round up a list of possible songs that I want to license for my podcast. The links are

These are the songs that i have in mind. So i have a little difficult time to choose. Would appreciate anyone help by telling me what you like. Perhaps i can narrow it down some more.

I am leading heavily towards White blade melody, Silly bee, cutie lovely princess or my love song. These 4, i think will be my top choices.

Let me know!

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