My old podcast and where are we now

We were resourceful and creative so we hosted our podcast on for free.

Looking back, back in 2012 when we created the podcast there really isn’t much discussion by anyone about making money off it.

Here’s a listen to our first episode,

The recording done was really for the love of the subject and jumping across time zones between America & Australia, we got it to work for a few episodes before we both kinda gave up. One of the rules while recording was to have an alcoholic beverage and drink as much of it as possible because back in 2012, we thought it will be cool to do that. Thinking back, how did we even managed? I guess being in the 20s really did have its perks.

It is literally been a decade since.

What we did kinda right?

  1. Titles were social media ready
  2. Topics we are really into
  3. We wanted to have fun
  4. Shrank audio file to 64 kbps bit-rate for the podcast (remember is back in 2012!)

Things which we did wrongly.

  1. Possible copyright claims on the song / music choices
  2. Not having a plan

If i could turn back time and arm with the knowledge i have today, i believe our podcast could have become something good. Possibly having some sort of sponsorships and earning a good chunk at the side whilst feeding our hobbies.

But of course in hindsight, everyone is a genius so it is time to move forward. And as i’ve mentioned on the previous post that i will be licensing a music as my new podcast opening. So right now it is down to either


I am really leaning towards the first option, titled: Cutie Lovely Princess.

I mean look at the lyrics, it seems so perfect like an anime that could have happened.

Look at this line,

誰もが夢中になるほど 魅力的なお姫様

and also this line

朝寝坊してダッシュで学校 なんて 序の口です

and also this line

それは誰もが 秘めている力なの

Almost every other line is an anime troupe gold. So ya, most probably will be licensing this for the podcast. I am also at this point in life where I can afford small purchases like this to justify making a hobby better. Will i ever make money with the podcast? Who knows.

Also, << her official website link.

I think this is sign i need to license this song for the podcast!

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Podcast opening ideas

Yes, without much context, I am diving right in!. Actually before i go on and throw in the links, the context here

So after i saw the newsletter from Porkbun (the best domain registrar) that they have a free wordpress option, I thought WHY NOT kickstart back to blogging about anime stuff and this is less restrictive than the free wordpress itself. Plus i got my own swag URL.

Anyway long story short, I really want to do an anime-toku-otaku sort of podcast for the long term. The legal stuff out there is so much as compared to when i was starting out in the anime dark ages. I actually have no idea as to what sort of content to produce and the past few years, I have been making content and I thought to myself, why not I start doing the things that i really really love. This anime watching hobby has not gone away over the years, in fact it became stronger and stronger.

With that in mind, I have actually round up a list of possible songs that I want to license for my podcast. The links are

These are the songs that i have in mind. So i have a little difficult time to choose. Would appreciate anyone help by telling me what you like. Perhaps i can narrow it down some more.

I am leading heavily towards White blade melody, Silly bee, cutie lovely princess or my love song. These 4, i think will be my top choices.

Let me know!

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