Eden Zero trailer

Oh don’t go breaking our hearts again dear, Hiro Mashima, the trailer looks so promising and I am a sucker for his stories. The design of the characters are so similar with all the over-the-top backstory, it felt like this is the far flung version of fairy tale.

And another anime that we probably may not watch will be the last Eva movie, much thanks to the virus.

Is it just me or did i saw a nod to Diebuster aesthetics ?

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On a separate note, the current season is really starting to be enjoyable so soon-ish i will be talking about them soon enough. I am also floating the idea where the podcast (Yet to be named) will be the flagship content and the blog is just complementary to it.

https://www.nash.jp/nml/search/detail/NSK-V712-08 < this will be the podcast opening where it will open with the first line. Throughout the podcast i will put the song in the background. And finally end the podcast off with the last portion of the song. Thinking something like an anime.

Until then, stay safe!

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